Monday, 7 January 2013

What can you tell about these machines?

Coffee Making Machine

Chocolate wrapping Machine

Popcorn making machine
Tidbits vending machine

In groups of 2's or 3's, discuss and post your observation in this thread.


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  3. All the machines help us to do thing that would usually take very long for us to do. It also helps us do it, which makes it easier. It also always does it the same way every time, they have the same pattern.

  4. Kevin's sexy group.

    1. They are all machines.
    2. They give a product at the end.
    3. If there's a input, there's a output.

  5. They are all made of metal.
    They all dispense something.
    They all have something in them.
    They all run on electricity.
    They have limited stock.
    They have similar functions.
    Only one of them requires money.

  6. All of these machines have a basic box design, it also automates processes, all of these machines have a similar role of vending products relating to food and drinks.

  7. Vending machines have a function, like algebra. It also have an input and an output.

  8. They are machines which serve a purpose.

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  10. Group Member: Malcolm Ang, Jovan Ng, Foong Yan Kai

    1) All of them requires an equation to work
    2) There is an input to have a output

  11. They have different algorithms to operate functions which involve an input, processing and output.